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Zinc Top Table with Angled Seam


Zinc is here to stay and has so many different applications for use we’ve stopped counting! From head boards to dressers, from nightstands to tables, zinc is a perfect element that will fit in just about anywhere.   Extracted from the earths ore and formed into sheets, zinc has been used as early as 200 BC by the Romans used to treat wounds and eye sores. It is believed that in the 13th century Marco Polo came up with zinc oxide which is still in use today as a sun blocker.  I’m sure while Marco Polo would not have thought to make it into a table, he would approved in what this miraculous metal would be transformed by the 21st century. Used widely as bar/counter tops, kitchen tables, and multiple areas of commercial and residential food prep, zinc is one of the few minerals that is food safe.   This lovely 52” square table seen was built with decorative double nail head seams tying the sheets together resulting in a fabulous kitchen table top.   Select your own table base and create your own piece of kitchen [table[ art!  Call for quote.

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