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Stunning Zinc Trestle Table


If we were to select what tables are some of our 10 favorites this would be right at the top.   Headed to the Hamptons, this magnificent pure zinc table is in perfect harmony with the X-R trestle base painted in a charcoal gray wash.   While this is remains a casual table it’s certainly elegant enough to go most anywhere that low maintenance and high visibility requires.   Pure zinc is one of nature’s most wonderful metals to use.   Not only is it food safe it also will only get more beautiful with age as the patina slowly oxidizes.   While the finish is protected with a clear sealer, oxidation will still occur however will do so gradually.   Buyer beware! Pure zinc is far different than galvanized zinc and will last a lifetime (or 2 or 3!)   As seen: 9’ x 40” wide x 30” high.   X-R trestle base is built in oak which is best (in our opinion) when doing a gray finish.

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