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Large Square Farm Table with Pedestal


If you are looking for an “un-standard” size square farm table with a pedestal, look no further.  After an exhausting several month search of not finding anything close in the marketplace, our customer determined that  LMH was the right fit to build a farm table in the exact size and color they wanted.     Difficult to find with a pedestal (and even more difficult to find in an uncommon size,) we can build square tables with pedestals larger than most.   Built from wide old oak boards this 2” thick table was finished in our chestnut brown color. Our solid oak tiered Tuscany pedestal bottom in black is not only a great color combination but will also allow for your family and friends to move around the table easily .   See our seating chart online if trying to decide on a size you’ll need for your crew. Seen with Medium texture preference.   As seen: $3410

  • Smaller square tables are also available. Call for quote. Now offering tables made from new maple. This is an excellent choice for smooth, painted and high gloss finishes. Priced out the same as old oak. Orders for maple must be called in.
  • If you are looking to purchase a base only an additional $100 charge will be applied.
  • For very smooth finishes and high gloss finishes we recommend maple. Tables in maple are the same price as the tables in old oak. Excellent choice for smooth painted finishes.
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