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Lake and Mountain Home is the leading resource when it comes to quality custom reclaimed wood furniture, farm tables and all of your rustic furniture needs. From farm tables to rustic old wood furniture for the bedroom, you can find it here at a price you can afford.

Grown, built and finished in the USA, reclaimed wood furniture just makes sense. Own a piece of American History now!  We recognize the beauty of this reclaimed century-old historic wood as well as the ecological value we offer our planet in reusing this resource. Recycled wood has become very popular not only for its unparalleled beauty but also with those of us concerned with the environmental and sustainability issues surrounding the logging of old growth forests. By reusing this natural resource we reduce the pressure to harvest the old forests and create less demand and waste for the manufacturing of new lumber. Meticulously built and finished, our craftsmen will build any salvaged old pine or old oak wood furniture you need in the size you need. We will also finish it the way you want.


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