We offer delivery – please call us for a quote: 603-249-1080

Pick up at our warehouse in Brookline, NH

For those of you who live close by, picking your order up is the least expensive option. You will be responsible for bringing blankets or other packing materials to protect your items in transit. We will be available M-F, 8:00-3:30 to help you load your items into your vehicle. If you have scheduled a weekend pick up there may not be anyone here who can assist you with loading. You should plan to bring another person along who can help you. Please call 603-249-1080 to notify us when you will be picking up.

“Blanket-Wrap” Shipping Service with In-Home Delivery

Lake & Mountain Home works with several reputable shippers who blanket-wrap your purchase and deliver it into your home. The cost of the delivery will include set up.   It is our experience that this is the safest way to get your goods from our facility to your home. While a blanket-wrap shipper may take longer to get the delivery to you (depending on your location) this option is, in our opinion, the safest way to go.


Trucking companies are currently dealing with much more “freight fraud” than in the past, making it very difficult to collect on legitimate claims.  The following protocol must be followed on the receiving end in the event of damage or suspected damage.  If you fail to follow this protocol and the product has been damaged WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REPLACING THE ITEM OR INCURRING THE EXPENSE OF ANY REPAIR. It is essential that you follow this protocol so that the claim will be processed as required.

If there is ANY visible damage to the box and you suspect the item may be damaged as well, ask the driver to wait while you open the box to inspect. Take photos of any damage found and send it back with the driver. Do not accept the delivery! If the shipper is unable to wait, you should refuse the delivery and have the driver load the item back on the truck.  The driver will bring the item back to the shipper’s hub where it will be inspected.  The shipper will then contact you to schedule a re-delivery at no charge within the next day or so.

If ANY damage is found, please call us immediately and we will handle the claim on this end. Take photos of any damage whenever possible and provide us with all the specifics that will assist us in the claim against the shipper.   It’s always best to have photos showing the extent of packaging damage inflicted by the carrier.  They are generally very good about accepting responsibility but you will need to follow this protocol in order for them to do so.

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