Zinc And Steel

We have recently discovered the beauty and durability of Zinc and have decided to incorporate it into our table tops and island designs.  These tops can be customized to your specifications and also have the addition of hand-driven metal rivets or pyramid head nails.  Zinc truly brings a inviting, industrial feel that balances out the warmth in a space.  Any of our products can be customized to include a zinc aspect.  Zinc can be paired with a rustic wood base or a custom steel design.    Pair it with naturally finished dining chairs and a Venetian trestle base and you'll have an amazing piece of furniture to last a lifetime.

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    • Pure Zinc Table in dining, counter or bar height. Matching stools

    • Zinc Kitchen island, Custom Built to order

    • Zinc Top Server with custom hardware

    • Zinc Nightstand

    • Large Zinc Pedestal Table

    • Zinc Buffet

    • Round Zinc Table

    • Zinc Trestle Table for Banquette

    • 72 inch square zinc table

    • Zinc top media cabinet

    • Zinc Kitchen Island with Shelf

    • Zinc Kitchen Island

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