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Square Zinc Pedestal Table


If you have a nook or banquette area you will find you need to consider quite a few things to get a table that will work well.   Will your feet hit?  Will you be able to scoot around to the backside of the bench easily?  And then, of course , there are the decorative questions you will need to ask yourself to make certain all comes together.   Zinc is a great option when it comes to adding a neutral element that will compliment your woodwork and give you an elegant touch.   Just as easy to care for as our farm tables, zine has become popular for the same reasons.   Just wipe with a clean damp cloth and you’ll be all set.    Tables over 40″ will need to be seamed as seen here on this 48″ square and add a great decorative element.    Seen on our Tuscany pedestal finished in Espresso this is all set for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Call for details on zinc.   Priced as seen:  $2275

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