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Not all painted furniture finishes, painted accessories or painted furniture pieces are the same. A Lake and Mountain Home painted furniture item is a keepsake and one that you will want to pass down for generations to come. Our designs are not stenciled or computer etched – instead, each and every painted piece is meticulously hand painted specifically with you in mind.

Hand painted on the premise our artists will personalize a design or special memory on any Lake and Mountain home table, stools or table in your choice of colors. Our lead artist, George Chen is known in galleries worldwide and is one of the few people we know that can do fine art on old wood as well as he does. Hand painted furniture dates back hundreds of years ago and was typically done for people of wealth to commemorate a special occasion. Old wood Dining room furniture including tables and hutches were typically painted in primitive motifs. Today all designs are possible on any of our reclaimed wooden furniture, including stools, chairs and old wood tables.

Custom Painted Stools & Accessories Including Tables & Cupboard Furniture

If you are not in the market for something with a design and prefer a more simple, painted furniture finish we can customize to any color of your choosing. While some opt not to “rub back” the color many prefer to have the color sanded back to give it an old world look. Unlike new wood, the texture and the character in the old wood is the key ingredient for making rubbed back finishes look “naturally worn”. If you are looking to further antique the look you can opt to have it glazed by our artists. The end result is something you would expect to see on a well preserved painted antique.

Painted furniture is an excellent option for bringing color into any room. A slash of color on an old bench, chest or table can be just what the doctor called for! Personalized painted accessories and pet portraits are also a fabulous gift idea. If you can think of it , we can paint it!


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