Glossary of Specs


Standard size

  • All tables can be customized up to 14’ lengths and will be a standard 36”-39” wide unless ordered otherwise.

Wood thickness:

  • Finished wood thickness will vary depending on the actual plank itself and the wood texture you select.   A one inch thick top will average out to be a finished ½”- ¾”  thick and a two inch thick top will average out to be a finished 1 ½”-1 ¾”  thickness.

Table Height:

  • Standard table height will run between 29”-31” high depending on wood thickness.

Rub thru finish:

  • A rub thru finish is a process wherein the top color is lightly sanded off to expose the wood or the color below.   Our standard rub thru finish is a light to medium rub.  Heavier rub thru is available as well.


Reclaimed Wood:

Our wood tables and case good products are constructed of century old domestic pine and old oak that have              been salvaged from old barns and sheds.  Each board will vary in appearance from piece to piece.  Nail holes,          uneven planks, old pegs, patches, cracks, saw marks, watermarks, wormholes, sunspots and dents are all                natural characteristics of the old wood and should not be viewed as defective.  Our best effort is made in the              finishing process to blend these characteristics together however, these “imperfections” in the wood give the              furniture character and provide a truly distinctive product.  We will attempt to accommodate requests for                    different levels of distress, but it is far from an exact science.

Breadboard ends:

  • Breadboard ends are a centuries old technique that was originally used to prevent warping and cracking of very wide planks.  Given new construction techniques, breadboard ends are now optional.   Throughout the year, especially in the drier and colder months, you may notice that the breadboard ends extend beyond the rest of the tabletop.  Rest assured, it is performing its intended function and is not defective.  It will recede in the warmer, more humid months.  .  If you elect not to have breadboard ends, it is common for there to be slight “checking” or cracking on the end grain.   This is normal and not considered defective.


Care and Maintenance:

  • Our barn wood products are all triple sealed with environmentally friendly water based products.  Our sealants are water resistant and are meant to protect the surface from regular wear and tear.  Surfaces should be cleaned with a damp soapy sponge.  Commercial cleaners and polishes should be avoided as solvents in these products can damage the existing finish.  Most blemishes can easily be remedied at home with a stain or wax pen available in most hardware stores.







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