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Custom Furniture Finishes

At Lake and Mountain Home we will do any Custom furniture finishes on our reclaimed oak furniture, our reclaimed pine furniture, and any of our chairs regardless of quantity! Don’t care for our colors? No problem. We will match a color of your own choosing. We understand that you want a look that’s original and tailored to your individual decorating needs. Lake & Mountain Home is all about customization. From the outset, our knowledgeable staff will walk you thru your options to ensure the final outcome is pleasing to you. You will have leg styles choices, old wood textures choices, custom color choices, furniture finishes options, and different pedestal choices just to name a few. Considering custom painted furniture ? Bring us an idea and together we can work out the details. Regardless of what you choose, the end result will be exactly what you are looking for.

Custom Reclaimed Pine & Old Oak Furniture

We take pride in using only the best environmentally safe water based finishing products on all our old wood furniture and wood dining chairs. Triple sealed for durability, the water based paints and lacquers we use are extremely durable and require little care. The satin finish is easy to care for and will clean easily with a damp sponge. Do not use commercial polishes! Many contain solvents that can break down the finish and leave a build up that is hard to remove. We recommend “Oz” polish which will revive the luster in the wood if you so desire. Please note that any color will look slightly different on your computer than they will in the light of your own home! While they are good approximations you can opt to have any color sample sent for $3.00 per sample once your order has been placed. Having custom furniture finishes available for all our reclaimed oak furniture and reclaimed pine furniture make the possibilities endless!

WOOD TYPES AND TEXTURES-{ textures  described below}


Samples available for $3 each, please contact us to request colors.


Samples available for $3 each, please contact us to request colors.



*If you are looking to purchase a base-only an additional $100 will be applied.





When ordering any reclaimed wood product all boards will vary in terms of texture , character and evenness of each board.   If you are deciding on a particular texture preference it will be important for you to understand what to expect in the finished product.   Please read this section carefully as this may make a difference in what texture you select.  The texture you select will have a direct impact on how long we leave the boards in the planer and the final outcome of what your table will look like including  how flat or cupped your boards will end up.


Smooth textures do not imply that there will be no nail holes or other areas in the wood that have seen “damage” from previous use.  The boards we use in the construction of our products are reclaimed boards from century old domestic structures.  “Smooth” texture implies that the boards will be sanded down more sufficiently – the end result being flatter boards/less cupping and many of the superficial marks will be sanded off.   Smooth texture is an excellent desk surface or where you want a greater degree of board evenness.


A medium texture preference will be sanded down less than “smooth”  and will have a degree of *cupping  and more evidence of its history left in the boards than does a smooth texture.    Expect to see nail holes, board cupping, old dings and dents and the possible use of pegs that have been used to fill damaged areas.   You may see some saw marks left in the wood however these will  be less noticeable than our “rustic” textured wood.

*Board cupping is a natural occurrence in old wood.  Should you be want a flatter surface it will be important to order “smooth”.


When orders are placed with a “rustic texture preference” our builders will make certain to keep the boards as close to the original condition that they were found.   While the finished product will be smooth to the touch something ordered “rustic” will have cupped boards, saw marks ( you can opt to have them removed), nail holes, old dings and dents, possible wood pegs and board unevenness.  We do not have control as to where any of these imperfections may be in any given board or where they might fall in a finished product and will not consider any of these characteristics to be grounds for return.  While extremely family friendly tables, rustic textures are not recommended if you prefer a flat surface.  Easy to maintain, a rustic texture will most easily blend in any new blemishes that are likely to happen with daily use.


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