Elegant Trestle table in Translucent White Washed Finish


Our new Tuscan Trestle table is gorgeous when finished in a very translucent white wash. Adding just a hint of color this elegance to the already gorgeous natural color of old oak. This is an excellent example of reclaimed old oak top sanded down to a medium texture level. No need to worry about spills! All our tables are sealed with a water based laquer and are well suited to the trials of family life ahead. Dings? No need to worry on that front either. The texture in the wood will help to hide all blemishes that come along with family life. Seen with our Federal Chairs in a natural , clear coat finish. Size of table seen: 6’ x 48”. All colors and sizes available. We recommend you ask to have color samples sent ($3.00 each) to see color in light of your own home.

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