Large Farm Table with Extensions
large square with double column trestle, Giordano10large square with double column trestle, Giordano09large square with double column trestle, Giordano05large square with double column trestle, Giordano04Large Square Farm Table with Extensions

Square Farm Table with Extensions

Large Square Tables are becoming increasingly popular as building trends are leaning more toward larger combined dining and living spaces. Gone are the days of formal dining rooms [and fancy “do not spill” tables ] . Instead, people are looking for more casual, care free dining table options but options , nonetheless, that can “dress up” when the occasion calls. A farmhouse table can fit the bill on both of these fronts.   Extremely durable, these tables can be sanded to a smooth texture level giving you a sleek and sophisticated look or can be kept more rustic to fit in nicely in a coastal or mountain home. In any case, you will have a table that is velvety smooth to the touch and will be something you will enjoy for years to come.   Our customers wanted exactly this when they placed their order for their 84” square table with (2) 18” extensions.   Handcrafted and designed for their family gatherings, we hand carved initials of all their family members on the top of this large square table. Table seen has the following features:   true 2” thickness, rustic texture preference, wide board top and double column pedestal*   Double column pedestal is recommended for table this size. Table as seen: $4400 Chestnut brown finish

  • Smaller square tables are also available. Call for quote. Now offering tables made from new maple. This is an excellent choice for smooth, painted and high gloss finishes. Priced out the same as old oak. Orders for maple must be called in.
  • If you are looking to purchase a base only an additional $100 charge will be applied.
  • For very smooth finishes and high gloss finishes we recommend maple. Tables in maple are the same price as the tables in old oak. Excellent choice for smooth painted finishes.