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As banquette and bench seating are becoming increasingly popular so is the demand for trestle tables. Not only are kitchen trestle tables attractive in a room where space is not an issue, they are an excellent solution to breakfast nooks and small spaces where getting in and out is otherwise problematic. A generous 12” overhang on our trestles allows for easy access in stationary seating or can accommodate a chair at the end and sides just as easily. For maximum amount of seating the trestle table is, by far, an excellent choice since seating is not limited to space between the table legs. Our rustic trestle tables have been designed to replicate the old antique trestle table built years ago which provided the ability to seat larger families around the dinner table. A farmhouse trestle table is always a good choice for adding old world charm to any room.

Lake and Mountain Home will build your solid wood trestle table according to your specifications. We can build a reclaimed pine trestle table, old oak trestle table, or a trestle farm table in old chestnut. Any trestle dining table can be finished in a variety of stains and paint colors to match your existing furniture or colors in your room. We have multiple trestle table styles available, ranging from the simple “original” trestle base to the more elegant crown trestle. Whichever you choose, you will be able to sit one additional person per side as opposed to less room at a table with legs. Check out the different styles and see which best suits your home.

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As with any of our other reclaimed wood furniture, we can finish it in a stain or color of your choosing. You are also able to pick out whether you want a thin or thick top, wood type, how long and wide you want the table, how smooth you want the wood grain, the trestle style, and if you would like an extension (or two) on the table. On a budget? Consider a barnwood bench instead of chairs or a combination of the two.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase one of our trestle farm tables, a reclaimed wood trestle table or a regular kitchen trestle table – your Lake and Mountain Home wooden trestle table is made to last for a lifetime of many meals. Our tables are meant to withstand dents and scratches, but they are also meant to be loved and enjoyed. Let us know how we can help you find the perfect trestle dining table for your home.


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