Traditional Farmhouse Tables


Simply the best Reclaimed Wooden Dining Tables in the marketplace. Starting at $999!!

Reclaimed wooden dining tables and custom farmhouse tables are our forte! Whether you live in an 18th century antique or a modern contemporary home, rustic farm tables and antique kitchen furniture are excellent choices for warming up any environment. Whether you are a casual diner or prefer to dine in a more elegant fashion, our reclaimed wood farm tables have remarkable flexibility to appeal to both.

Among the most popular styles in our barnwood collection are our traditional farm tables, our very functional trestle tables (great for banquettes!), drop leaf tables, round pedestal tables, cottage coffee tables, and tables with extensions to name a few. Our talented craftsmen will hand select century old boards that best fit your preferences and will build a truly unique table specifically for you.

Custom salvaged rustic, medium or smooth reclaimed Wood Farm Tables and More

All our barnwood furniture is constructed from 100+ year old American pine and oak boards that have been salvaged from fallen barns and aged structures in the south. Whether you are looking for a dining table or a different barnwood furniture piece for your home, you can order board planks that are very rustic, “medium” or smooth in appearance. We will plane them down to be just the look you are aiming for. Don’t want a standard size? No problem…we can build a table for you in the size you need. Some other custom options include, wide board tops, color matching, custom size breadboard ends, and drawers (see pull down menus on photos for other options).

Need other pieces for your dining room? Consider a dining room hutch or purchase a set of chairs that perfectly compliment your table! Owning your own barnwood table, hutch or buffet is like owning a piece of American history. Whether you are considering a farm table or a rectangular, square or oval reclaimed wooden dining table, you have come to the right place.


  • Small Old Oak Desk9 See Details

    Small Old Oak Desk

    Starting at $999.00

    This elegant smooth old oak desk has all the charm you’d want without sacrificing function. Beautifully finished in our golden brown finish, our customer opted for 3 drawers for pencils, pens and office “must-haves”. When not in use as a desk this is a perfect dining table for a family of 6. Seen with our J-Cab leg style, this French country farm house table sure makes a perfect solid wood office desk. 100% American made quality. Size: 6’ x 1” thick x 30” wide with beveled edge detail. Prices starting at $999

  • 60″ Barnwood Pine Desk With Drawer4 See Details

    60″ Barnwood Pine Desk With Drawer

    Starting at $999.00

    As the demand for farm tables increase, so do requests for desks made from reclaimed wood. This simple desk with drawer can function just as well as any desk without sacrificing the charm you get from salvaged wood. A reclaimed pine or old oak desk will give you the best of both worlds. Made from solid old wood this desk is made to last unlike veneered products that are common in the marketplace. Size seen: 5’ x 1” thick old pine x 30” wide. Seen in our brown cherry finish with our cabriole legs. Starting at $999

  • Old Pine desk See Details

    Office desk farmhouse style!

    Starting at $999.00

    For anyone needing a basic desk but is not looking for something mass produced, this is the ticket.   Customized for our customer in California, the apron was cut in back to accommodate a high radiator without compromising style or function.   The reclaimed pine boards were sanded down to a smoother texture preference and were finished in a black rub thru color.  Tapered legs are seen in our light walnut color.  Three drawers were added with hardware selected by our customer.  Size:  5′ x 1″ thick old pine.

  • Pub-Table-W-Extensions See Details

    Pub Table with Extensions

    Starting at $999

    This reclaimed 42” (h) old pine pub table was built with (2) 18” extensions expanding to 6’ long when inserted. This farmhouse pub table starts off as a 36” square table which is perfect size for 4 chairs. With leaves in place, sit 6 -8 people easily. The 36” height makes this a popular table for kids or adults who like to sit high while eating. Great solution for small spaces ! Seen in our brown cherry finish with tapered legs. Prices start at $999 for all tables.

  • Oak-Drop-Leaf-Table-502b See Details

    Oak Drop Leaf Table

    Starting at $999.00

    There is nothing more stunning than reclaimed old oak. This beautiful 2” thick reclaimed oak drop leaf table functions superbly as a console table when leaves are down and opens to a full size , 40” wide dining table when leaves are up. The 10” drop leaves are just the right amount of “drop” to allow for chairs and benches to be placed under the table when folded down. Two matching benches complimented this magnificent table. (seen tucked between the legs of the drop leaf table). This is a farm table that Photo: Antique walnut finish color with black distressed turned legs. Benches priced separately.

  • Thick-Very-Rustic-Drop-Leaf-Table-a6d8 See Details

    Thick Very Rustic Drop Leaf Table

    Starting at $999.00

    This very rustic drop leaf table was designed for a NYC customer tight on space but still needing enough room to seat 6 people. Table in photograph was built out of reclaimed, very rustic oak and was finished in our antique walnut color. When leaves are down this is the perfect small table for tight spaces. When leaves are up this table opens to 38” wide allowing for 2 chairs along each side of the table. A great solution for a small space. Matching Bench sold separately. Bench designed to slide under table when leaf is down.

  • Black-Washed-Drop-Leaf-Table See Details

    Black-Washed Drop Leaf Table

    Starting at $999.00

    The uses for a drop leaf table are endless. Console size when the leaves are down this stunning reclaimed old pine drop leaf table is an expansive 7’ x 48” wide when the leaves are extended. A drop leaf table is one of your best options for everyday use as a console behind a sofa or under a window and is always a welcome extra table for all the dinner guests you’ll be hosting during the holidays. Seen in our classic black washed finish, this elegant drop leaf farm table can go just about anywhere. Shown with tapered legs in 1″ thick smooth old pine. Priced As Seen At $1585

  • Long-Rustic-Dining-Table-With-Painted-Base-41b4 See Details

    Long Rustic Dining Table With Painted Base

    Starting at $999.00

    When Julie asked for this combination of colors we thought it might be a tough call. Julie’s kitchen is long and narrow thus requiring the table be so as well. Not only did the colors work out well but , in combination with a natural seal coat, the 9’x 34” wide reclaimed pine table is the perfect fit for her dining room. Julie chose a 50/50 blend of Salmon and Salem Red color painted over buttermilk for a 3 tone base and for her old pine top, chose a clear coat- no added color- seal. This table features 4” breadboard ends and was sanded down to a medium texture level. Be courageous and try your own colors! Prices starting at $999.

  • Very-Rustic-Dining-Table-For-Newport-RI-Home-cde1 See Details

    Very Rustic Dining Table For Newport RI Home

    Starting at $999.00

    This 84″ x 2” thick reclaimed old pine farm table is a favorite for many looking to bring visual softness into their dining area. Whether you live in a coastal home or an elegant city dwelling, old wood tables are guaranteed to add a ton of warmth and charm to any home. Old wood farm tables are easily dressed up or down depending on the options you select so pay attention to the details when you create your own table. This particular reclaimed wood table features a very rustic old pine texture, wide board top, and no breadboard ends . Very rustic wood will have many color variations due to the weathering of the wood that is not removed in the sanding process. Seen here in our fruitwood finish

  • Reclaimed Old Pine Table in Antique Walnut color3 See Details

    Reclaimed Old Pine Table in Antique Walnut color

    Starting at $999.00

    There is nothing more casually elegant and timeless as a farm table made from reclaimed wood. The simplicity of the lines allow for this classic to go into any home where low maintenance is of key importance. A one inch thick reclaimed wood farm table (seen here) is a more delicate look than a 2” thick table but no less structurally sound. This 6’ x 1” thick old pine table is seen in our Antique walnut color, tapered legs and is a good example of what a medium texture will look like. Tables start at $999 and all can be customized to order. All large and small old wood tables available up to 12′ and 14′ lengths. Choose from old oak or old pine.

  • two inch extension table catalog copy See Details

    Farm Tables with Extensions!

    Starting at $999.00

    Impressive yet affordable, our customizable salvaged wood farm tables with extensions are our most popular seller. Extensions glide in easily from the ends of the farm table and are a great alternative to having a split down the center of your table 24/7. Each extension adds 18” to the length of your table and will allow for 2 more chairs. Extensions are very sturdy and can be used with our reclaimed wood trestle tables as well as tables with one of our leg styles. Tables start at $999. All small and large sizes available up to 14′ and extending to 17′.

  • Reclaimed-Pine-Wood-Extention-Table-With-Black-Base See Details

    Reclaimed Pine Wood Extension Table With Black Base

    Starting at $999.00

    Black has long been known to be a great “neutral” color and can add a depth of richness to any room. In combination with the texture of the reclaimed old wood tables our barn wood farm tables bring enormous sense of history to the plate. A touch of black as seen here can easily tie in color from a matching set of chairs or black in your granite countertop. All our solid wood reclaimed tables are available with extensions as seen here on this gorgeous 8’ x 1” thick old pine table in Brown cherry . Medium texture featured. Available in old oak as well.

  • Reclaimed wood table with salvaged wood bench08 See Details

    Reclaimed wood table with salvaged wood bench

    Starting at $999.00

    An old barnwood bench is a terrific and affordable way to seat more people in your kitchen area. Easy to get around, a reclaimed old pine or old oak bench is a great solution for narrow dining rooms and kitchens where passage ways are tight. A farm table with a leg style will need to have a bench 1 ½’ smaller to push between the legs. With one of our barnwood trestle tables we recommend a reclaimed wood bench that is about 6” smaller than the top of the table. Mix with chairs to give your family seating options! Any size , small or large, reclaimed old pine or old oak bench is possible. Tables starting at $999. See bench section for other bench styles.

  • Table, pine with white turned legs See Details

    Farm Table Set

    Starting at $999.00

    When it comes to stunning this dining set with matching chairs , pine table and bench speak volumes.  Built from 2″ thick old pine boards with a medium texture level, this customer wanted to match a piece already existing in their room.  Close to our brown cherry finish this color is a bit darker and richer than our standard brown cherry but is close to it.  Added features include a drawer and turned legs and 4″ breadboard ends.  Base and fan chairs were painted in our snow white finish color with a light rub thru. Bench with turned legs to match.  Each item sold individually.

  • Rustic Large Farm Table4 See Details

    Rustic Large Farm Table

    Starting at $999.00

    This is a fabulous example of what our large old pine farm tables look like in their most rustic form. The beautiful salvaged wide pine boards in this particular farm table still have the original saw marks from when the boards were cut 100+ years ago. Whether you live in a beach home or a NYC loft, this table is sure to bring warmth and charm to any home. Any sized large or small reclaimed wood farm tables can be built and finished to your requirements. If you don’t care for the saw marks but still want a rustic farm table ask to have them sanded out. This table seats 10 comfortably. Seen in Chestnut Brown Finish with Black rub thru legs and a 4” breadboard ends. Smooth and Medium textures available as well. Customized farm tables to your liking!

  • Black wash table with tapered legs See Details

    Simple Black Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Black has long been known to add an elegant feel to any room but that is not exclusive of remaining casual.  This smooth old pine table was black washed to give the table a more sophisticated look while the smooth pine farm table give its the casual balance.  Seen with our standard tapered leg.

  • one inch tapered smooth pine See Details

    Elegant Farm Table in Smooth Finish

    Starting at

    Simple and tasteful, this one inch thick smooth pine farm table will add a touch of elegance to any home. 7′ x 1″ old reclaimed pine with brown cherry finish and tapered legs.

  • Thin Pencil Leg Table See Details

    Pencil Leg Farm Table

    Starting at $999.00

    When our customer saw a similar French antique table she knew she had to have it.  Unfortunately her wallet said otherwise.   Thats when she turned to us, photo and all, and asked to have it replicated in the size she needed.  Almost identical to the original design our customer was delighted that we were able to do this for her.  If you see something you like, take a photo ~  there’s a good chance we can do something quite similar for you.   Table in photo:  51″ x 30″ x 30″h.   Smooth old pine.

  • Pine Table with Black Cab legs See Details

    Reclaimed Pine Dining Table with Cab Legs

    Starting at $999.00

    Having a meal on an old pine farm table is like dining on American History. If boards could talk they might tell you about their life as a barn or an old shed and many would tell you about the large circular blades the cut them at the mill. Our handcrafted tables are made from these same boards that have been brought back to life in the form of farm tables, hutches, coffee tables and many other gorgeous solid wooden furniture.   We can customize to size and color so don’t hesitate to get your own piece of American History. Seen in our brown cherry finish with black cab legs with brown cherry rub thru.



  • Farmhouse-Table-With-J-Cab-Leg See Details

    Farmhouse Table With J-Cab Leg

    Starting at $999.00

    Our French Country J-cab legs style in combination with a smooth texture and squared off corners give our reclaimed farm tables a more casually- elegant look without sacrificing the charm and warmth the old wood has to offer. Well suited for an elegant space, this customer opted to add a drawer for her napkins and placemats. Offered in reclaimed old oak or old pine. Seen in our brown cherry finish with 3” breadboard ends. Built from 1″ thick old pine. Starting at $999

  • Reclaimed Pine Table with Painted Base See Details

    Reclaimed Wood Table With Painted Base And Turned Legs

    Starting at $999.00

    A reclaimed wood table with a painted base is a great idea for anyone wanting to add a touch of color into their kitchen area. This old pine table was sanded down to a smooth texture level and was topped off with a gently distressed snow white base. You can customize your own farm table for size, texture and wood type . This beautiful 7’ old pine table was finished in our fruitwood stain and is sure to brighten up any kitchen area it’s headed to. This particular farm table was built for our customers coastal home on Cape Cod. All size farm tables , large or small, available up to 14’.

  • Square game table. turned legs. black07 white fan chair See Details

    Rustic Square Black Game Table

    Starting at $1,095.00

    As fast as trends change the color black has always remained a constant and, as theory goes, “all rooms should incorporate something black” for the best decorating results. This rustic square black game table is a great case in point. This 36” x 36”x 1” thick old pine square black table still exudes the charm of yesteryear with the rustic texture of the old wood still visible under the painted black finish. Gently rubbed back to a warm red-brown color below makes this table look like it’s certainly seen its share of heavy use over the years. All our tables are 100% American made and are finished with the best eco-friendly products. Seen with turned legs with snow white fan chairs (sold separately).

  • Exquisite-White-Table-73c8 See Details

    Exquisite White Table

    Starting at $999.00

    When Stephanie saw a photo of a table in the New York Times she knew she had to have it. In the magazine section a beautiful table designed by Ilse Crawford was photographed as part a series on the historic Dinder House in London. Unfortunately for Stephanie, the $25,000 price tag on the table was not in her cards nor in her budget. Having scanned the internet for another alternative, Stephanie contacted us to see if we could build her a table similar to the one she saw. We were able to replicate this striking table out of old oak for a fraction of the price. The handsome turned legs, the high gloss finish and the detail of the table we built for her is just what Stephanie had hoped for. See for yourself!   Size seen: 114” x 40” w x 30”h . Snow white finish color with high gloss lacquer sealer. As seen: $3670

  • 84″ Rustic Pine Table See Details

    Rustic 84″ Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Are you looking to add warmth into your kitchen? This beautiful old pine 2” thick farm table was headed for a city loft adorned with hard lines, lots of brick and wide open space. Our customer elected to go with wide board planks on his 7’ reclaimed old pine farm table and asked that the wood texture remain very rustic. Multiple color tones in the reclaimed wood allow for a less-than-monotone finish giving it increased character and visual depth. All our long & short reclaimed farm tables are handcrafted and can be customized to your needs up to 14’ in length. Tapered leg style seen. Chestnut Brown finish color. All sizes available. Tables starting at $999

  • Old-Oak-Table-In-Natural-Finish- See Details

    Old Oak Table In Natural Finish

    Starting at $999.00

    A Farm Table Built From Reclaimed Old Oak Is Gorgeous In Any Finish. Reclaimed Old Oak Wood Has A Very Tight Grain Pattern And Is An Extremely Hard Wood. This Farm Table Was Sealed With A Clear Finish.. No Color Was Added. Detachable And Easily Portable Legs Make Transport Easy And Affordable. Farm Table In Photo: 65” X 40w X 1” Thick With 4” Breadboard Ends. As Seen $1680. Tables start as low as $999.

  • Scalloped apron with mustard and aw See Details

    French Styled Scalloped Apron Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Rich tones with rustic wood are exceptional when paired together.  This french country oak  table was finished in our antique walnut color and a scalloped apron in mustard.   Fit for kings, queens and every day families!

  • rustic oak table with cab legs See Details

    French Country Oak Farm Table

    Starting at $999.00

    This marvelous 8′ rustic old oak table is ready for the next century of use!   Elegant cabriole legs provide a striking balance to the old saw marks and rustic texture of these boards.   Top it off with an 18″ extension as Judy has done and you’ll be well set you up for the next dinner party.   Brown cherry finish seen.

  • Double Octagonal Pedestal1 See Details

    Large Dining Table with Double Pedestal

    Starting at $999

    7′L x 50″W x 2″ thick Old Oak dining table with (2) 18″ extensions. Medium texture. Bread board ends. Double octagonal pedestal base. Custom color match.

  • Reclaimed-Table-In-Old-Pine-With-Black-Base-And-Drawer-ed6e See Details

    Reclaimed Table In Old Pine With Black Base And Drawer

    Starting at $999.00

    Do you know the history behind the cabriole leg? The basis of its original concept was emulated upon legs of certain four-footed mammals , more specifically, animals with hooves. The etymology of this term derives from the French word “cabrioler”, meaning to leap like a goat. Personally we don’t feel like these legs look like a goats however, we get the analogy for what it’s worth. This is a 5’ x 1” thick old pine farm table finished in our brown cherry color. Goat legs were finished in our black rub-thru color. Standard and custom sizes and colors available. All small and large tables available up to 14′. Starting at $999.

  • Rustic Pub Height FarmTable See Details

    Rustic Pub Height FarmTable

    Starting at $999.00

    Pub Height Farm Tables have been becoming increasingly popular with new Kitchen designs. This particular table was 6′ long and was made out of 2″ thick old pine boards. Seen with a 36″ tapered leg this customer completed the look with our Cottage Stools and a custom, old pine bench. Table [as seen] sells for $1630. Call to have your own pub table quoted out. All sizes possible.

  • Old-Oak-Table-In-Driftwood-Finish- See Details

    Old Oak Table In Driftwood Finish

    Starting at $999.00

    The first thought that comes to mind when you see a dilapidated old barn is probably not about the gorgeous French country farm table you see here in the image. Our talented group of craftsmen brought the beautiful old oak wood back to life and gave it a French flair by adding decorative medallions and a scalloped apron. Seen in our driftwood finish and glazed snow white base, it’s hard to believe the origins of this beauty were from the floor of a barn! Seen with our J-Cab leg style. Medallions priced out separately and are subject to availability. Photo: 7’ x 1” thick smooth old oak , 4” breadboard ends and square corner detail.

  • Old-Pine-Table-in-Antique-Walnut-185c See Details

    Old Pine Table in Antique Walnut

    Starting at $999.00

    Rustic and striking, this beautiful 7’ table was designed specifically to match our customer’s décor in their beautiful mountain cabin. This very rustic 2” thick old pine table features authentic saw marks from when the boards were milled for the construction of old barns in the South a century ago. The uniqueness of each board has a tale and, if you look closely, you may be able to track back the actual use of the wood. Many of these boards retain “hints” in the dents, dings, and wear that remain in the wood. A great conversation to have with the kids over a family dinner. Imagine all of the conversations, laughter and fun you’ll have around your own farmhouse table. It’s where family memories begin. Seen in our beautiful antique walnut finish, tapered leg, rustic texture, and square edge detail.

  • Reclaimed Old Pine Table in Golden Brown color07 See Details

    Reclaimed Old Pine Table in Golden Brown finish

    Starting at $999

    A classic reclaimed farm table with a simple tapered leg can be casually elegant in any home. This 84” long old pine table was sanded down to a smooth level and was finished in our golden brown color. A light, solid wood table can bring brightness and warmth into any kitchen but don’t stop there! You can have your farm table painted in its entirety or , for those who like the natural look of the old wood table, paint just the base. The possibilities are endless. Your color, your size, your pick. All our farm tables are handcrafted and built for you just the way you want it. As seen $1440

  • Reclaimed-Pine-Wood-Table-With-Turned-Legs- See Details

    Reclaimed Pine Wood Table With Turned Legs

    Starting at $999.00

    A rich color on a reclaimed wood farm tables is a great way to add subtle, inviting comfort to any home. Our 100% all American, all solid old wood tables can be built in any size you need and can be finished to your liking. This medium texture old pine farm table is headed south of the border to our customers lake home retreat . Adorned with breadboard ends and wide pine planks, this will certainly set the stage for many memories to come! Starting at $999

  • Reclaimed-Old-PIne-White-Table-f818 See Details

    Reclaimed Old Pine White Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Sophistication meets timeless! Imagine having an impromptu indoor picnic with your children in the middle of winter while sitting around this charming and delightful white farm table. White is the color of summer and what’s better than warm sunny days? Not much. Seen in our snow white finish, this 5’ old pine table with turned legs is a bright spot no matter what season you’re in. Colorful place settings and a simple grouping of flowers in the center will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. Seen in a medium texture with a rubbed thru white finish.

  • Chestnut-farm-table-fbc8 See Details

    Old Chestnut farm table

    Starting at $999

    Nantucket style casual-elegance meets cozy farmhouse! This charming 2” thick old chestnut table is shown in a beautiful golden brown finish and accented with elegant cabriole legs that have been painted in our popular snow white color. Old chestnut with its beautiful grain pattern is extremely rare and is a highly desirable choice for anyone…

  • Black-Washed-Pine-Table-in-Customers-Home-4ddb See Details

    Black Washed Pine Table in Customers Home

    Starting at $999.00

    Summary Ratingno rating based on 0 votes Brand Name Lake And Mountain HomeProduct Name Black Washed Pine Table in Customers HomePrice USD 999In Stock Pre-Order Only

  • Double-Tiered-Pedestal-Table-79c2 See Details

    Double Tiered Pedestal Table

    Starting at $999.00

    This stunning table was finished in a high gloss finish to give it a fresh modern twist. Two tiered pedestals ($850 each) were painted in snow white and sealed with a high gloss finish. The 9’ smooth, old pine table top was finished in our brown cherry finish and was sealed with a high gloss finish as well. Spectacular way to merge “old” with modern and elegant! Double tiered pedestal tables can be built to order in 8’ lengths or longer.

  • AlmostSquare-Farm-Table-ffb8 See Details

    Almost Square Farm Table

    Starting at $1,730.00

    This Elegant Yet Rustic Reclaimed Old Oak Table Is Sure To Warm Up Any Room. Custom Design Your Own Table To Fit Just Right In Your Room! The Table In This Photo Is 78” X 54”W X 2” Thick Top With 4” Breadboard Ends Was Finished In Our Brown Cherry Color. Large And Small Square (Or Almost Square!) Tables Are Available In All Sizes In Either The Reclaimed Old Oak Or The Reclaimed Old Pine Wood. This Table Priced Out At $2335. Fan Chairs Can Be Ordered Separately.

  • Hand-Painted-Reclaimed-Wood-Table-960f See Details

    96″ Hand Painted Reclaimed Wood Table

    Starting at $999.00

    A hand painted farm table has tremendous character and can bring a bundle of color to your room. Our fruit motif design has been a popular choice for many and can be customized with the fruits you most prefer and background colors that will be best suited in your kitchen. This is our 8’ x 1” thick old pine table that is seen while still in creation for our customer. We hand craft all our products one by one to insure quality and give you the best of American Made. Background colors: half bayberry and snow white. Artwork priced separately.

  • Reclaimed-Wood-Table-With-Cabriole-Legs-9208 See Details

    Reclaimed Wood Table With Cabriole Legs

    Starting at $999.00

    You can opt to have a rounded edge on your reclaimed wood table as seen here or go with a more sleek square edge if you prefer. Rounded or square edges are available on any of our handcrafted old wood tables. A square edge is well suited for bringing a touch of sleekness to the style wherein a rounded edge is well suited for a more country casual dining area. All lengths available in narrow and wide widths up to 14’ long.

  • Farm-Table-With-Custom-Design- See Details

    Farm Table With Custom Design

    Starting at $999.00

    This elegant hand painted old wood table was done by our outstanding in-house artist. Meticulously painted on this old pine table, 3 colors background colors helps to make this one of our more outstanding pieces. Perfectly suited for a French country farmhouse or any home looking for a unique handcrafted, reclaimed wood table. Artwork is separately priced out. Price on this table does not include artwork. Tables starting at $999. Any large or small table available up to 14’ long.

  • Reclaimed Pine Table with Oyster White Base See Details

    Reclaimed Old Pine Table With Painted Base

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed wood furniture will take to finishes differently and will depend in part on which texture or wood type you choose. When selecting a farm table for your home remember that the finish may be darker or lighter depending on the amount of texture you want to have remain in the old wood. This is an excellent example of a reclaimed old pine farm table that has been sanded down to a smooth texture preference. This table is seen with 1” breadboard ends and a painted, oyster white, glazed base. 42″ square x 1″ thick old pine farm table with turned legs seen in image. Top finished in a light fruitwood shade. Prices starting at $999.

  • Oak-Table-Grain-With-4-Ends-f6e7 See Details

    Oak Table Grain With 4″ Ends

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed Old Oak farm tables are truly stunning. An old oak reclaimed wood table is extremely durable and can take a significant beating from everyday use due to its hardness. Very different in looks than new oak, the grain pattern is much tighter and is almost indistinguishable from new oak. Old Oak furniture will have fewer knots which may be a determining factor in the choice of wood for your farm table, hutch or old wood sideboard. Extremely dense and durable , old oak is an excellent choice for families with younger children. This is a smooth 12’ reclaimed old oak table with 4” breadboard end and square corners. All sizes and colors available. Prices start at $999

  • Rustic-Farm-Tables-With-Custom-Colored-Base See Details

    Rustic Farm Tables With Custom Colored Base

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed wooden furniture can be a tremendous asset when it comes to adding warmth to any home. Whether you live in a cottage home or an elegant larger home, a reclaimed custom old pine table can set the stage for a dining room that is very warm and welcoming. This salvaged rustic 7’ old pine table has been finished in our antique walnut color with a custom black/green turned leg. Prices starting at $999

  • Reclaimed-Wood-Table-With-2-Drawers See Details

    Reclaimed Wood Table With 2 Drawers

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed domestic southern yellow pine has a lovely golden hue to it which is nicely accentuated with our golden brown finish. Reclaimed old pine has a wide variation of tones which will be more noticeable when the wood is to be left “very rustic” as opposed to “smooth”. This farm table was customized with 2 drawers for added storage and is headed for our customers beach home . Table seen here is a good example of “smooth” texture preference with our tapered leg style. All sizes available. 6′ table seen in photo.

  • White-Reclaimed-Pine-Table See Details

    Reclaimed Pine Table In White

    Starting at $999.00

    Don’t fret when it comes to painting your reclaimed wood table all white or any other solid color! This is a great way to lighten up an area without compromising the old wood feel. Even after a painted finish you will be able to tell that the wood is old by the texture that translates through the paint. An all white table is perfect for a cottage or coastal home where you want to keep the look bright. This 6’ reclaimed wood table will seat 6 comfortably . Lightly rubbed thru to retain the aged appearance. Turned legs seen in image

  • Reclaimed-Wood-Table-In-Customers-Home-9842 See Details

    Reclaimed Wood Table In Customers Home

    Starting at $999.00

    7′ x 2″ thick medium textured old pine farm table in our Fruitwood finish color. Features 4″ breadboard ends and tapered legs. As seen:$1890 Our fan chairs were finished in the same color and compliment this farm table beautifully. Available in old oak as well.

  • Rustic-Table-Viewed-In-Customers-Home-e999 See Details

    Rustic Table Viewed In Customers Home

    Starting at $999.00

    Taken in the home of one of our satisfied customers! We love to see how nice our farm tables look when they are in their final destination so send them along! This old pine reclaimed wood table was finished in our brown cherry finish color with tapered legs and features a 1” breadboard end. A…

  • Classic-and-Elegant-farmhouse-table-628b See Details

    Classic and Elegant farmhouse table

    Starting at $999.00

    Elegantly designed by Dressing Rooms ( this fabulous eating area is home to LakeandMountainhomes classic reclaimed pine farm table and chairs. Combining the charm of yesterday with todays active family lifestyles, Deb has done a remarkable job making this sophisticated space look casual ,inviting and very “family friendly”. As seen: 7’ x 2” thick old pine table with our American ladder back chairs.

  • Simple-Farmhouse-Table-b3e9 See Details

    Simple Farmhouse Table

    Starting at $999.00

    An updated kitchen for most entails good storage, easy flow and, of course, the right kitchen table. Beautifully renovated by Dressing Room Designs, this handsome kitchen is tastefully done in a manner that is a natural draw for all. Seen with our one inch thick old pine table, this simple, sophisticated design is all in the details. Tapered legs with our steam bent ladder back chairs finish off this clean design. Set finished in brown cherry.

  • Reclaimed Wood Farm Table In Old Pine With Wideboards1 See Details

    Reclaimed Wood Farm Table In Old Pine With Wideboards

    Starting at $999.00

    Small reclaimed old pine farm table seen in our brown cherry finish. All our farm tables- either long or short- are handcrafted and can be customized to your needs. Multiple reclaimed wood trestle bases and leg styles available.

  • Old Oak Table with Extensions in Golden Brown3 See Details

    Old Oak Table with Extensions in Golden Brown

    Starting at $999.00

    This beautiful table is perfectly suited for our customers ski home. Table seen was 8′ x 5′ wide and extended to 11′ for lots of company. Tables start at $999

  • Elegant-Old-Pine-Dining-Table-def3 See Details

    Elegant Old Pine Dining Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Elegant 8.5′ x 1″ thick rustic Old Pine Dining table with tapered legs. Seen in customers home in our brown cherry finish. Rustic texture seen.

  • Old-Pine-Parsons-Table-in-final-destination-bcde See Details

    Old Pine Parsons Table in final destination

    Starting at $999.00

    Summary Ratingno rating based on 0 votes Brand Name Lake And Mountain HomeProduct Name Old Pine Parsons Table in final destinationPrice USD 999In Stock Pre-Order Only