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We Have the Best Trestles for  Farm Tables!

As banquette and bench seating are becoming increasingly popular so is the demand for trestle tables. Not only are kitchen trestle tables attractive in a room where space is not an issue, they are an excellent solution to breakfast nooks and small spaces where getting in and out is otherwise problematic. A generous 12” overhang on our trestles allows for easy access in stationary seating or can accommodate a chair at the end and sides just as easily. For maximum amount of seating the trestle table is, by far, an excellent choice since seating is not limited to space between the table legs. On a budget? Consider a barn wood bench instead of chairs or a combination of the two.Our rustic trestle tables have been designed to replicate the old antique trestle table built years ago which provided the ability to seat larger families around the dinner table. A farmhouse trestle table is always a good choice for adding old world charm to any room.

Multiple Trestle Choices

Multiple Trestle Choices

Lake and Mountain Home will build your solid wood trestle table according to your specifications. We can build a reclaimed pine trestle table, old oak trestle table, or a trestle farm table in old chestnut. Any trestle dining table can be finished in a variety of stains and paint colors to match your existing furniture or colors in your room. We have multiple trestle table styles available, ranging from the simple “original” trestle base to the more elegant crown trestle. Whichever you choose, you will be able to sit one additional person per side as opposed to less room at a table with legs. Check out the different styles and see which best suits your home.

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As with any of our other reclaimed wood furniture, we can finish it in a stain or color of your choosing. You are also able to pick out whether you want a thin or thick top, wood type, how long and wide you want the table, how smooth you want the wood grain, the trestle style, and if you would like an extension (or two) on the table.

Medium Textured Old Pine Table

Medium Textured Old Pine Table

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase a trestle table or one of our traditional farm tables with a leg style~  your Lake and Mountain Home reclaimed wood table is made to last for a lifetime of many meals. Our farm tables are equipped to survive the trials of family life and require very little maintenance.  Let us know how we can help you find the perfect trestle dining table for your home.


  • square kitchen island, Wallace07 See Details

    Square Old Oak Kitchen Island

    Starting at $999.00

    If you are needing more kitchen work space and perhaps additional seating, this 36″ high table will accommodate both needs. Old Oak is a particularly hard wood and is an excellent choice for heavy use.    Seen in this image, this 54″ square farm table was built to order out of the smooth old oak and was stained in our chestnut brown color.   The venetian trestle base is painted in a black with a rub thru finish giving this wonderful island table an elegant look.  Our harp stools were painted in black to match the base and complement the chestnut brown finish color of the oak top.  Custom heights and sizes are available in all that we do.






  • hybrid trestle See Details

    Farm Table with Hybrid Trestle Base

    Starting at $999.00

    The Hybrid trestle is a good option for banquette or nook seating and can be modified to fit your own nook area.    Seen in 1″ thick old pine this table has been sanded down to a smooth level to give it a more elegant touch. Seen in a light fruitwood finish.

  • trestle, xbase bar height5 See Details

    Bar Height Trestle Table

    Starting at $999

    Counter high and bar height dining has become an increasingly popular trend in new kitchen rehabs and is just as well suited for longer dining as it is for people on the go.  Whatever height you decide is the best for your needs we can modify our bases accordingly.  This popular x-base design was modified to be 42″ bar height and, with the 12″ overhang on the top, will easily seat six.   Made from 2″ thick, medium textured old oak, this 6′ long x 36″ wide this is a great place for all to hang out.   Seen in our brown cherry finish.  Priced as seen:  $3260

  • Reclaimed-Round-Pine-Trestle-Table See Details

    Reclaimed Round Pine Trestle Table

    Starting at $875.00

    Introducing The Round Farm Table Trestle Table! Generous 18″ Overhang On All Sides Allow For Easy Seating Around Entire Table More Stable For Larger Tables Than A Pedestal Which Make All Sizes Possible. Photo Seen: 66″ X 2″ Thick Round Old Pine Pedestal With Hybrid Trestle Base Autumn Gold Finish As Seen: $2630

  • Rustic Pine Farmhouse Trestle Table See Details

    Rustic Farmhouse Table With Extension

    Starting at

    Rustic pine farmhouse tables don’t get any better than this beauty.   This 6′ long x 39″w table is featured with our half moon trestle base and has been finished in our popular chestnut brown color.  Matching bench sold separately.   Seen with one extension.

  • tuscan trestle table See Details

    Tuscan Trestle Table in Old Pine

    Starting at $999.00

    This 6′ x 2″ thick smooth reclaimed pine farmhouse table is headed for some lucky home in Maine.   Beautifully finished in our chestnut brown color you and opt to have the same table in old oak or a different texture for you own aesthetic preference.

  • 7′ Oak restoration hardware inspired xbase trestle See Details

    X-Base Trestle – R

    Starting at $999.00

    This  medium texture salvaged oak trestle table was absolutely stunning. Finished in our espresso stain color and base inspired by Restoration Hardware , our customer wanted something that was customized and 100% American Made. As always, we can customize to your colors and your size and, most likely, can do a base similar to our competitors. Size seen:  6′ x39″ x 2″ thick.

  • Rustic Oak Trestle Table See Details

    Rustic Oak Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    This rustic old oak farm table couldn’t be more handsome.   The dark boards of the wood are beautifully enhanced with our chestnut brown color and add tons of richness to this textured table. Still smooth to the touch, this rustic farmhouse table is featured with 4″ breadboard ends and the x-base trestle.

  • Large-Square-Dining-Table See Details

    Large Square Dining Table

    Starting at $1,730.00

    Large 60” X 60” X 2” Thick Square Reclaimed Old Oak Dining Table. This Particular Table Features Include Very Rustic Board Texture Preference And The Classic Hybrid Trestle Base. Finished In Our Antique Walnut Color. A Rustic Trestle Base Is A Terrific Option For Larger Tops And Allows For Maximum Seating. Great Idea For Banquettes Or Nooks Where Easy Access Is A Must. Priced As Seen: $2965 Wheat back Chairs Not Included In Price.

  • Venetian-Trestle-Table See Details

    Venetian Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    The Venetian Trestle table is our latest newcomer to the Trestle collection. The Venetian trestle was designed to accommodate those looking for a inviting, elegant look but still requiring the low maintenance needed for an every day table . Angular lines make this trestle base a bit more sophisticated but don’t let it scare you. Tables wipe up with a damp soapy sponge like our other reclaimed wood tables in the barn wood collection. Suited for any large home, beach home, mountain home or , for that matter, any home(!) you’d be fortunate to have it in your family for years to come. Base only: $850 Mae sure to scroll down for additional images.

  • Vineyard-Trestle-Table See Details

    Vineyard Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Staying simple with your base can be a good decorating decision when dealing with a small table. Our vineyard trestle allows, as do our other trestle bases, to seat one more person on each side which is very helpful when trying to squeeze that extra person at the table. Seen in our expresso finish, this 5’ x 1” thick old pine looks as good in a coastal home as it would in an urban setting.

  • Farm Table with Half Moon Trestle Base See Details

    Farm Trestle Table With “Half Moon” Trestle Base

    Starting at $999.00

    Our Half Moon Trestle Farm Table Is Perfect For Any Large Or Small Dining Area. A Small Trestle Fits Perfectly In That Kitchen Nook And Is A Top Choice For Banquette Seating. A Comfortable 12” Overhang Allows For Easy In And Out. A Large Trestle Dining Table Is A Welcoming Addition To Areas That Can Accommodate A Larger Group. This Is A 7”™ Old Pine Table X 2” Thick With 4” Breadboard Ends, Beveled Edges And Square Corners.

  • Half-Moon-Trestle-Table-Bench-And-Matching-Chairs-e74e See Details

    Half Moon Trestle Table, Bench And Matching Chairs

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed Old Pine Trestle Table, Trestle Bench And Matching Chairs Make This A Beautiful Dining Set. Each Item Is Priced Out Separately And Can Be Customized In Any Color Of Of Your Choosing. Table Seen In This Image Is 7”™ Long X 2” Thick In Reclaimed Old Pine. Other Features On This Table Are 4” Breadboard Ends, Square Corners, Medium Texture With Beveled Edges. Painted Half Moon Trestle With Fruitwood Color Top. Table As Seen: $2040

  • 9 foot old oak venetian trestle table4 See Details

    9ft Trestle Table

    Starting at $999

    9′L x 30′W x 2″ Thick old oak table with Venetian trestle base. Medium texture. Antique walnut stained top, Bayberry painted base with rub thru. Price as seen: $3,700

  • Georgian Trestle Base Oval Extension Table09 See Details

    Large Georgian Extension Dining Table

    Starting at $999

    8′L  x 48″W x 2″ thick old pine racetrack oval table with (1) 12″ leaf and (1) 24″ leaf extensions. Medium texture preference. Custom 4-legged Georgian trestle. Black wash finish top. Painted black base with no rub through. Price as seen: $3675

  • Custom-Turned-Trestle-Table See Details

    Custom Turned Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    We love it when our customers send us photos of their tables! This gorgeous 72” square, 2” thick rustic old pine farm table was just what this room needed. Custom turned “Georgian Legs” compliment the visual weight of this farmhouse table and is set back in from the edges to allow for comfortable seating. Finished in our brown cherry color with our Swedish ladderback chairs in black set the stage for this to be the place to come next Christmas! Table as seen: $3525. Chairs sold separately.

  • Half Moon Trestle table See Details

    Half Moon Trestle Base with Reclaimed Wood Top

    Starting at $999.00

    Our Reclaimed Old Wood Half Moon Trestle Table Is Perfect For Anyone Wanting A Rustic Table With A Sleek And Sophisticated Edge. Made From Either Old Pine Or Old Oak Our Trestle Tables Are Great For Casual Dining And Dress Up Beautifully For More Elegant Occasions. Large And Small Trestle Tables Can Be Built In Any Custom Size Just Right For Your Room And Can Be Made With Or Without Extensions.

  • White-Trestle-Table-c90e See Details

    White Half Moon Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Summary Ratingno rating based on 0 votes Brand Name Lake And Mountain HomeProduct Name White Half Moon Trestle TablePrice USD 999In Stock Pre-Order Only

  • 9ft Rustic Extension Trestle Table With Black Base2 See Details

    9′ Rustic Extension Trestle Table With Black Base

    Starting at $999.00

    A Rustic Farm Table With Original Trestle Base Is A Great Option For Maximizing Seating Capacity. This 9′, Medium Textured Old Pine Table Expands To 10′ When Both 18″ Exensions Are In. A Custom Color On The Base Is An Attractive Way To Compliment Colors Already In Your Room. Available In Reclaimed Old Oak Or Reclaimed Old Pine

  • Custom-Old-Oak-Trestle-Table-with-Arched-Edge-d2c9 See Details

    Custom Old Oak Trestle Table with Arched Edge

    Starting at $999.00

    This large salvaged reclaimed wood table with custom arched ends is a great option for giving your old world farmhouse table a modern day touch of elegance. Constructed out of old oak it’s hard to believe that this once was flooring in an old barn. Sanded , planed down and given new life, this is truly American History ready for another century of tales. Size seen: 10’ (l) x 48”(w) x 2” thick with our Venetian trestle base in black. Priced as seen: $5080

  • Large-Reclaimed-Old-Oak-Dining-Table-90d0 See Details

    Large Reclaimed Old Oak Dining Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Dimensions: 106″L x 45″W x 2″ thick Old Oak table. Wideboard top. Very rustic texture. Antique Walnut finish.

  • Old-Oak-Trestle-Table-4177 See Details

    Old Oak Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed Rustic Old Oak Trestle Farm Tables Are One Of Our Best Sellers. This Antique, Extremely Hard Wood Is Rich With History And Has A Grain Pattern Unique To Old Fruitwood. This Large 11′ Trestle Farm Table Was Constructed Of Wideboards And Was Finished In Our Golden Brown Color. This Old Oak Trestle Table Was Photographed With Our Original Trestle Base. Scroll Down For Additional Images

  • Reclaimed-Old-Pine-table-with-Black-Wash-8a83 See Details

    Reclaimed Old Pine table with Black Wash

    Starting at $999.00

    Dimensions: 75″ x 1″ Thick Old Pine table. Medium Texture. Square corners. Venetian Trestle. Black washed top. Painted black base with rub thru. Photo as seen: $2490

  • Trestle-Table-In-Driftwood-Finish-305a See Details

    Trestle Table In Driftwood Finish

    Starting at $999.00

    A Reclaimed Old Pine Or Old Oak Half Moon Trestle Table Is Casually Elegant When Dressed Up In Our Drfitwood Finish. A Translucent Driftwood Color Wash Finish Allows For The Beauty Of The Old Wood To Make A Subtle Debut On This Old Pine Table. Customize A Base Color Of Your Own Choosing. Seen In This Image With The Base Painted In Our Slate Color.

  • Square Pedestal Table in Espresso3 See Details

    Square Pedestal Table in Espresso

    Starting at $1,730.00

    There is nothing like an old farm pine table when it comes to adding warmth to any environment. This large rustic square table is just one example where casual meets elegance and can be used with a modern or antique décor. Finished in our expresso color and shown with our Venetian Trestle base this table could go as easily in an 18th century farmhouse as well as a NYC loft. Size seen: 60” x 60”. Features wide, very rustic old pine boards. As seen: $3125 Square sizes up to 84”.

  • Elegant-Trestle-table-in-Translucent-White-Washed-Finish-889f See Details

    Elegant Trestle table in Translucent White Washed Finish

    Starting at $999.00

    Our new Tuscan Trestle table is gorgeous when finished in a very translucent white wash. Adding just a hint of color this elegance to the already gorgeous natural color of old oak. This is an excellent example of reclaimed old oak top sanded down to a medium texture level. No need to worry about spills! All our tables are sealed with a water based laquer and are well suited to the trials of family life ahead. Dings? No need to worry on that front either. The texture in the wood will help to hide all blemishes that come along with family life. Seen with our Federal Chairs in a natural , clear coat finish. Size of table seen: 6’ x 48”. All colors and sizes available. We recommend you ask to have color samples sent ($3.00 each) to see color in light of your own home.

  • Original-Trestle-Base-In-Snow-White-f7d7 See Details

    Original Trestle Base In Snow White

    Starting at $999.00

    Our Original Old Wood Trestle Table Is A Perfect Fit For Banquette And Nook Spaces Where Space Is Limited. The Generous 12″ Overhang Allows For Easy Seating On The Ends. Features Included In This Photo: Golden Brown Top, Snow White Base, No Glaze, Medium Texture. Table In Photo Is 5′ Long X 42″ Wide X 30h. This Table Sold For $1474 Seen With Our French Ladder back Chairs In 2-Tone Finish To Match.

  • trestle original trestle See Details

    Rustic Original Trestle Table Base for any size top!

    Starting at $999.00

    Reclaimed Wood Trestle Tables Are Rapidly Becoming Our Fastest Growing Farm Table Style. These Extremely Durable, “Family Friendly” Trestle Tables Can Accommodate (2) 18″ Extensions. All Sizes And Colors Are Possible. Select Your Preference For Smooth, Medium Or Very Rustic Boards. Old Pine , Old Oak And Old Chestnut Boards Are In Stock And Can Be Used In The Construction Of Any Table. One, Two And Three Inch Thicknesses Available. Any Size Available

  • x-base-trestle-a5ff See Details

    X-base Trestle for any size Farm Table

    Starting at $999.00

    This beautiful old pine table features our new x-trestle base and is seen here with a center cut, smooth old pine top in our brown cherry finish. This stylish new base easily allows for comfortable seating and chairs push in easily under table. A great option for small nooks or banquette seating. Base sells for $650 in addition to table top.

  • Hybrid-Trestle-f78a See Details

    “Hybrid” Trestle Base for Tables of all Sizes!

    Starting at $999.00

    Our Rustic Reclaimed “Hybrid” Trestle Base Is A Combination Of Our Original Trestle Table And Our Half Moon Trestle Table Base. Options For Extensions, Breadboard Ends, Wide board Top And Choice Of Old Oak Or Old Pine Are The Same For Our Trestle Tables As They Are For Our Rustic Farm Tables.

  • Our-Original-Trestle-Table-With-Painted-Base See Details

    Our Original Trestle Table With Painted Base

    Starting at $999.00

    Our Rustic Reclaimed Old Pine Or Old Oak Trestle Tables Can Be Customized To Fit Perfectly In A Nook Or Banquette Area. Generous 12″ Overhang On Ends Allow For Comfortable Seating On Ends. Customize Your Own Trestle Farm Table! Dimensions Of Custom Table Photographed: 54″ X 1″ Thick With Original Trestle Base, Painted Base And (2) 18″ Extensions. Smooth Golden Brown Top . Custom Base Color

  • Hand-Painted-Trestle-Table-f17c See Details

    Hand Painted Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    A hand painted Reclaimed Wood Table Is Always An Option When Considering Something Different And Special. This 9′ X 48″W Extension Table Was Painted In Colors Matching Our Customers Room. The Fruit Motif Was Added To Bring Color And Interest To The Table. Borrow From This Idea Or Customize Your Own! Our Swedish Ladder back Chairs Were Finished To Go With. Artwork Added $500 To The Cost. This Table With All Its Features Came To $3620

  • Original-Rustic-Wood-Trestle-Table-In-Customers-Home-b139 See Details

    Original Rustic Wood Trestle Table In Customers Home

    Starting at $999.00

    A Small Reclaimed Old Pine Or Old Oak Trestle Table [Comparable To The 5' Table Shown In Photo] Is Perfect For Small Area Dining. Whether Placed In A Nook, Banquette, Or Open Dining Area, A Rustic Reclaimed Painted Bench And Stylish French Ladderback Chairs Are An Added Plus To Any Home. Summary Ratingno rating based…

  • Drop Leaf Trestle Table6 See Details

    Drop Leaf Trestle Table

    Starting at $999.00

    New addition! This is a new take on the traditional drop leaf table with a leg style. Our trestle tables are now available for those who have a need for a small table while having the convenience of being able to seat multiple people. This beautiful 2″ thick old oak table was finished in a custom color for our customer. Table seen in this image is 6′ long with (1) 10″ drop leaf (+290) and half moon trestle base. All sizes possible. See our trestle table drop down menu for pricing. Tables start at $999.

  • Large-Reclaimed-Farm-Table-f333 See Details

    Large Reclaimed Farm Table in Renovated Kitchen

    Starting at $999.00

    Both simultaneously elegant and casual, this 10’ old pine table is in perfect balance with the homeowners newly renovated Cape Cod kitchen. The square corners and the angular Venetian Trestle Base are subtle details that lean toward elegance while the reclaimed old pine top help to keep the feel more casual. The light golden brown finish is a perfect complement to their dark granite counter tops and beautiful wood tone chairs. The flowers just add the final touch to this fabulous kitchen! All sizes and colors possible. As seen: 10’L x 42”w x 30”. Medium texture preference, wide board top, square edge detail, Venetian trestle base, $4535.

  • Bonnie-and-Burts-Table-1f68 See Details

    Bonnie and Burts Table

    Starting at $999.00

    Dear Barbara, We love the table! Thank you! Bonnie and Burt Summer 2013

  • Farmhouse Table for Nook See Details

    Farmhouse Table for Nook

    Starting at $999.00

    Our customer from Dallas was kind enough to send us images of his table when all was in place. Lane opted to have his entire trestle table painted in the white color of his benches which beautifully contrast and complement the green walls and darker floors. Accent colors in red and burlap add a great pop of color making this the place everyone will want to be. Priced as seen: $1275. 47” x 30” x 1” thick old pine, with half moon trestle base. Smooth texture seen.

  • Large-Rustic-Square-Table-in-Home-c7b7 See Details

    Large Rustic Square Table in Home

    Starting at $1,730.00

    This fabulous wall of stone is a perfect backdrop to the 60″ x 60″ square rustic old pine trestle table our customers opted to get for their room. The rustic texture of the old pine is in perfect balance with the wall while the size just right for the nook space thats been created. Seen with our fan chairs in black, this elegantly casual dining area is a place where most anyone would love to call home. Features include, Hybrid trestle base, rustic texture, wideboard top in our antique walnut finish. As seen: $2765. Fan chairs sold separately.